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Quality Control


1- First Cup

The coffee is tasted freshly without letting it to repose in order to detect the profiles of the harvest. The degustation is made at the origin and at our board of the quality control, in Spanish Coffee Institute (IECAFE).

2- Pre shipment

Once the coffee reposed during 8-12 weeks, which will always depend on the climate conditions, the tasting will be processed. During this tasting, we evaluate the characteristics we desire from each lot of coffee, and once proven, it is stored in wooden silos, preserved in its parchment until the month of shipment. Then, special shipment orders are issued to place the container on the ship in a specific place, which is free from winds, sun and rain in order to avoid the condensation inside of the container which may affect the goods. For this, a special type of containers, which are internally lined, is used isolating the coffee from the possible damages.

3- Arrival

The coffee arrives to the Port of Barcelona, where it is reposed in a fresh, dark and free from air place, previously enabled by our warehouse. At this point, one coffee sample is extracted and the parameters of pre shipment together with the attributes achieved in the period of repose are re checked.

On the Coffee Sense sheet we can find the reference information listed below:

  • Information about the coffee: Date, country, region, farm, contract, harvest, quality, shipment, quantity, number of sensory profile, OIC number.

  • Description of the coffee: Size and breakdown of the screen percentage, defects and their percentages, process (washed, semi- washed and natural) and finally the level of the humidity detected.

  • Sensory Profile: Evaluation of 11 primary sensory elements with its corresponding system of scoring, when the cup taster is doing an evaluation of coffee in the most objective way according to his criteria and experience. All the numeric information of the scoring is demonstrated graphically in a sensory diagram.

  • Advises of the Cup taster: Detailed description of his sensory impressions and practical advises of the usage and coffee roasting.

Traceability sheet

We ensure to obtain the information from the farm, which comes from and is prepared directly by the producers with whom we are working together. They let us know in detail and in writing about all of the activities which infer for the development of the agricultural sustainable practices. On the Traceability sheet we can find a highly relevant data, such as:

  • The history of the farm and family who work on the field

  • Collaborators

  • Period of harvest

  • Weed Control

  • Shadow regulation

  • Pest Monitoring

  • Efficient water use

  • Care of the flora, fauna and water resources

  • Process of Recollection

  • Water treatment cistern

  • Drying

  • Transport

This information is provided for free to our customers as the added value we offer them and according to the coffee they are interested in. Also, it is visible to the public on our website below.

The Traceability sheet is complemented by the Coffee Sense sheet, which as it was mentioned above, is prepared by our external partner: Spanish Coffee Institute (IECAFE).
The activities which are reflected in our Traceability sheets are audited by Mareterra through regular visits, same as via constant communication with our producers, information of their improvements and the projects in the farms, forming and active part of these. In addition, many of the farms we work with are certified by shifting the theoretical to the practical. Giving greater endorsement to the Traceability, which we promote through our products.

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