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Sunday Oct-22 Sunday, October 22, 2017

Roasted Coffee

The Art of Roasting Coffee
In this magnificent process the green been is impacted by heat and release of energy which changes its physical and chemical structure. The grain loses moisture and begins to gain acidity and suffer the caramelization of sugars (Maillard reaction) and its size expands.
Several factors influence this process: The machine type, temperature and atmospheric pressure, humidity, variety as well as type of processing and fermentation, among others.
Therefore the roaster is considered an artist who has to play with all parameters and know how to highlight all the aroma and taste of the coffee while maintaining the nuances of its origin.


This new project which launches MareTerra, has as its primary objective to provide a service for those distributors who want to have an independent business without investment. With our new service of roasting, we can offer coffee profiles that best suit to your needs and market. Due to the nature of our business, we roast our coffees in a personalized and handcrafted way in order to always keep the same features for a perfect infusion and development of your business.
The second objective of this project is to introduce specialty coffee as close as possible to the final consumer. For this purpose, we seek partners in cafes, gourmet specialty stores and other businesses that value quality at a reasonable price.
Our green coffee customers could be those, who will provide this service in a transparent manner and advantageous for your business.
Please, feel free to consult us regardless the place you are located in, we're present in 35 countries.


More info: Café de Finca.

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